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Foam Cannon!

Foamologist to

operate foam fun!

Upbeat Music!

All the FUN!

A first-class foam party experience!


We handle everything so you can enjoy your party!

Non-stop foam included and all equipment provided by Big Time Bubbles.​​​​​​​

We do it RIGHT - Our equipment is always barricaded from party goers with our FUN, ATTRACTIVE, and SAFE set-ups!

Big Time Bubbles only uses the best pro-grade equipment and set-ups to give your event the best experience possible!​


A Minimal Space

of 20x20 feet

Power Source

within 50 feet.

Our own designated 110-120V

3 prong outlet per cannon/set-up

Water Source

within 50 feet.

Standard 3/4 inch

garden hose connection

Adult Supervision

blue burst.jpeg



Why Big Time Bubbles?​
​We are the foam party specialists! Family owned and operated since 2019, Big Time Bubbles is the first in the area to provide a first-class and complete foam party experience.  With hundreds of events under our belt each year, we are ready for any occasion.


Whether your event has 5 or 500 people, only Big Time Bubbles has the equipment, experience, and track record to take your event to the NEXT LEVEL of success!


The owner and family at Big Time Bubbles have over 15 years of experience in the family and children entertainment industry. This creates a unique chemistry you won't find anywhere else. We are entertainers by nature. We pride ourselves on our unique, safe, and attractive set-ups. We make your events and parties look spectacular while creating incredible photo opportunities and memories that last a lifetime.

Yes- the bubbles and foam provide natural fun, but our bubble family is the cherry on top!


What is a Foam Party?​
We bring the entire foam party experience to your home or venue! A foam party includes most of the same elements that a regular party would; music and FUN! Our parties revolve around MOUNTAINS OF FOAM created by our BIG TIME FOAM CANNON, which as you can imagine, gets people into party mode pretty quickly. We fill your yard, driveway, playground, parking lot, etc. with an amazing pile of clean, fun, and refreshing foam!


​Is the foam safe?​​​​​​
Yes!  Our Foam is hypo-allergenic, tear free, dye-free, nonstaining, scent-free, non-sticky, biodegradable, safe for kids, pets, grass, and the environment. 


Do you provide music?

Yes! We provide the complete foam party experience! All of our bubble and foam parties are powered by a sound system (provided by us). We will keep the party going with an upbeat family-friendly music playlist. If you prefer, we can also plug in your own playlist.

How much foam will there be?

Each BIG TIME Foam Cannon has the ability to cover a 20x20 ft area at a minimum...even more with our large event options. Our private party set-ups can accommodate approximately 25 people in the foam zone at one time while our larger options can double that. You may also book additional cannons at a discounted rate to expand your foam zone. The more people you have in the foam zone, the more foam (and space) you will need.

Do you rent machines?
We a FULL SERVICE mobile entertainment company. We are not a rental service. Unlike those drop and go companies, we bring the entire foam party experience to your home or venue. We want you to enjoy your event as much as possible as our bubble crew/host provides and operates all the fun! ​


Foam Cannon vs. Foam Machine?

A standard foam machine simply dumps foam wherever you put it, often making it difficult to contain. Our BIG TIME FOAM CANNONS give us the ability to shoot the foam, control the output, and even the direction. This allows us the flexibility to set up on most yards, driveways, playgrounds, parking lots, etc. Kids LOVE having it shoot right at them or over their heads!

When do you arrive to my party or event?
We usually arrive approximately 30-minutes before our start time to get set-up. For larger events or functions we can arrange to be there sooner. 

What surfaces can you set up on?

Each BIG TIME Foam Cannon has the ability to cover a 20x20 ft area at a minimum...even more with our large event options.  We have safely set up on surfaces such as grass, concrete, driveways, asphalt, astroturf, and outdoor sports courts. Open, level, and clear spaces are the best. We don't recommend setting up on glossed/painted concrete or tile.


Is it slippery?

The foam does not create a slippery surface if set up on our suggested surfaces. 


Is the foam safe on grass?

Our foam is completely safe on grass. However, much like kids playing in a garden sprinkler, walking on wet grass can result in showing some wear. Healthy lawns don't have too much to worry about. Keep in mind, we can always set up on solid surfaces like driveways, concrete, asphalt, and more!

What if there is bad weather?
In the event bad weather becomes a factor, you have one year from your originally booked date to apply any deposit/payment to a newly agreed upon date. We can operate in a light rain or sprinkle but not dangerous weather conditions such as extreme high winds or lightening. 

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation will result in a forfeiture of any deposit/payment.

  • A reschedule within 14 days of your booking will result in a forfeiture of any deposit/payment toward your original booking and a new booking will need to be made.  

  • In the event bad weather becomes a factor, you have one year from your originally booked date to apply any deposit/payment to a newly agreed upon date and no additional deposit is required. 

What do I wear to a Foam Party?
Swimwear, a towel, and a change of clothes is recommended but not required! 


​How much clean-up is involved?

​Clean up is a breeze. Zero clean up on your end. After the event is over we collect our belongings. The foam will disapear on its own, usually within minutes.​


Glow Party Information & Tips!

We encourage wearing bright or neon colors to your glow foam party. These will glow great under our UV lighting and make for great photos!

Have another question?

Feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer them!

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